Re: google supports rel="canonical" (ISSUE-27 rel-ownership)

Dan Connolly wrote:
> I just discovered this:
> [[
> Now, you can simply add this <link> tag to specify your preferred
> version: 
> <link rel="canonical"
> href="" />
> ]]
>  --
> seems relevant to one of our issues...
> ISSUE-27 rel-ownership @rel value ownership, registry consideration
> I see Anne found this a few days ago...

Also relevant:

If you compare Dewitt's list against the HTML5 spec and the wiki page 
you will find a number of very common rel types that aren't registered.

Unfortunately, the conclusions I draw from this aren't very encouraging. 
  We've discussed at length how making certain attributes mandatory 
often does not have the desired effect on authoring behavior, at least 
in the domain of HTML.  Alas, it appears that the situation is pretty 
much the same for enumerated lists of attribute values, and on attribute 
values in general.  Google, Microsoft, and Palm at least are going to do 
what they are going to do:

- Sam Ruby

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