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Spec editorial: use RDFa 1.1 markup Gregg Kellogg (Thursday, 31 May)

Fwd: rdf:value instead bibo:content Dan Brickley (Thursday, 31 May)

Fwd: Slides for SemTech presentation on JSON-LD Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 30 May)

Re: Slides for SemTech presentation on JSON-LD Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 30 May)

RDF WG minutes for 2012-05-30 Manu Sporny (Wednesday, 30 May)

RDF-ISSUE-91 (rdf-concepts-feedback): RDF Concepts feedback from Gavin and Pat [RDF Concepts] RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 30 May)

Agenda 30 May telecon Guus Schreiber (Wednesday, 30 May)

rdf11-concepts WD ready Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 29 May)

JSON-LD FPWD publication proposal Manu Sporny (Tuesday, 29 May)

JSON-LD Telecon Minutes for 2012-05-29 Manu Sporny (Tuesday, 29 May)

test - ignore Nathan (Tuesday, 29 May)

pre-agenda telecon 30 May Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 29 May)

Re: RDF Concepts - What is a Node? Richard Cyganiak (Monday, 28 May)

RDF Slides for SemTechBiz in June David Wood (Monday, 28 May)

Re: Question about RDF Spaces Sandro Hawke (Monday, 28 May)

List of WG Resolutions David Wood (Sunday, 27 May)

RDF Primer in Turtle David Wood (Saturday, 26 May)

Connected resources Dan Brickley (Friday, 25 May)

Invitation to join next JSON-LD telecon Manu Sporny (Friday, 25 May)

High-level comments on Turtle document Richard Cyganiak (Friday, 25 May)

Comments on RDF Spaces document Richard Cyganiak (Friday, 25 May)

AAAI Fellow Pat Hayes (Thursday, 24 May)

Request for FPWD via RDF WG of JSON-LD Syntax and API specs Manu Sporny (Thursday, 24 May)

Informative wording on identifiers for subgraphs Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 23 May)

Turtle conformance section Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 23 May)

ISSUE-28 - two readings? Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 23 May)

Agenda 23 May telecon - final Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 22 May)

Draft agenda / final one in a few hours late Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 22 May)

Drop “g-boxes”, talk about “stateful resources” Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 22 May)

JSON-LD Syntax request for FPWD via RDF WG Manu Sporny (Tuesday, 22 May)

RDF-ISSUE-90 (LV-entailment): Define a simple form of ??literal value entailment?? [RDF Semantics] RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 21 May)

RDF-ISSUE--1: RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 21 May)

Fwd: status of xsd:duration in RDF Ivan Herman (Saturday, 19 May)

Subsection 11.2 - Displaying (X)HTML Gavin Carothers (Friday, 18 May)

N-triples white space question Gavin Carothers (Friday, 18 May)

Proposal for getting Turtle to LC and N-Triples to FPWD Gavin Carothers (Friday, 18 May)

N-triples white space question Andy Seaborne (Friday, 18 May)

turtle conformance clause / strict-vs-loose parsing Sandro Hawke (Thursday, 17 May)

rdf:HTML datatype added Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 17 May)

Re: Subsection 11.2 - Displaying (X)HTML Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 17 May)

New Provenance Drafts -- ready for review -- getting close to LC Sandro Hawke (Thursday, 17 May)

minutes for RDF teleconference on 16 May Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 16 May)

Why empty named graphs make sense Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 16 May)

no-primary-key no-functional-change proposal convergence Eric Prud'hommeaux (Wednesday, 16 May)

Sandro's Formal Objection Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 16 May)

Data spaces draft Guus Schreiber (Wednesday, 16 May)

Checking: Turtle grammar / N-Triples Grammar Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 16 May)

Some real graphs Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 16 May)

Agenda 16 May telecon Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 15 May)

Remaining Open Issues in Turtle Gavin Carothers (Tuesday, 15 May)

Turtle and predicate object lists. Andy Seaborne (Monday, 14 May)

Making progress on graphs Richard Cyganiak (Sunday, 13 May)

communicaton about Turtle compatibility Sandro Hawke (Saturday, 12 May)

grammar alignment with SPARQL Eric Prud'hommeaux (Friday, 11 May)

What does it mean to “implement RDF” or “conform to RDF”? Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 10 May)

HTML datatype proposal (ISSUE-63) Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 10 May)

Proposal to resolve two XSD datatype issues Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 9 May)

RDF-ISSUE-89 (at-prefix): Should Turtle allow SPARQL's PREFIX like @prefix? [RDF Turtle] RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 9 May)

Closing ISSUE-13 David Wood (Wednesday, 9 May)

Defining rdf:XMLLiteral in terms of the DOM Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 9 May)

rdf-spaces Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 9 May)

[ALL] WG Status Update Slides David Wood (Wednesday, 9 May)

Re: 6.3 -- proposal for (informal) dataset semantics Steve Harris (Tuesday, 8 May)

Unicode normalization in Turtle Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 8 May)

[ALL] Agenda 9 May 2012 David Wood (Monday, 7 May)

types of "graphs" Sandro Hawke (Saturday, 5 May)

Re: RDF Semantics Editors Draft? Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Friday, 4 May)

Deprecate most "native" RDF serializations Manu Sporny (Friday, 4 May)

Vocab terms for owner, validFrom and validUntil Manu Sporny (Friday, 4 May)

I really hate RDF Lists Manu Sporny (Friday, 4 May)

Ambiguity of "RDF namespace" - was: Re: Contradicting definitions of "property" Thomas Baker (Thursday, 3 May)

[Turtle] Editorial Issue: Fwd: Please put "N-Triples" in the specification title David Wood (Thursday, 3 May)

Re: Please put "N-Triples" in the specification title Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 3 May)

HTML datatype Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 2 May)

Two ACTIONs for RDF Semantics editors Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 2 May)

RDF-ISSUE-88 (xsd:duration): Revisit the exclusion of xsd:duration from the RDF datatype list [RDF Concepts] RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 2 May)

May 2 telecon minutes Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 2 May)

status of xsd:duration in OWL (and RIF and SPARQL) - ACTION-164: RDF WG Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 2 May)

RDF-ISSUE-87 (Revisit 2004 types): Revisit RDF 2004 datatypes that have proven troublesome in OWL and RIF RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 2 May)

strawman draft of "RDF Data Layers and Datasets" Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 2 May)

Re: Sandro's proposal VS RDF Datasets Antoine Zimmermann (Wednesday, 2 May)

Re: the term "named graphs" Pat Hayes (Wednesday, 2 May)

Re: Layers (or maybe "Data Layers") Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 2 May)

Turtle Draft Gavin Carothers (Tuesday, 1 May)

[ALL] Agenda for 2 May 2012 David Wood (Tuesday, 1 May)

RDF-ISSUE-86 (GraphIsomorphism): Incompatible definitions of ??graph equivalence?? between RDF Concepts and RDF Semantics [RDF Concepts] RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 1 May)

Adding a datatype for HTML literals to RDF (ISSUE-63) Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 1 May)

Proposal for adding new datatypes from XSD 1.1 (ISSUE-66) Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 1 May)

Proposal for rdf:XMLLiteral (ISSUE-13) Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 1 May)

Re: Named Graphs / Layers / Surfaces / Doohickies added to JSON-LD Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 1 May)

Re: regrets and a new spin on contexts Thomas Baker (Tuesday, 1 May)

understandings maths Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 1 May)

Re: Layers David Wood (Tuesday, 1 May)

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