Following the general outcry against the term "layers", and Guus'
endorsement of "spaces", I've renamed it for now.  So the ED is now

It's not yet clear to me what to discuss, on this topic, if we get there
in today's agenda.   One thing does seem a little pressing, because it
relates to Turtle:

I think it would be great if one could use Turtle in HTML as a dataset
language not just a graph language.   The easy way to do this would be
to say *if* there's an "id" attribute on any of the script elements
containing turtle, the triples parsed from that element go into a named
graph and the rest goes into the default graph (along with any RDFa and

It would also be nice to have a way to say one wants the triples to
*also* go into the default graph -- so if what you're doing is graph
annotation you don't have to repeat all the triples in the annotated
graph.  Maybe class="included" or something; I'm not sure how the
namespaces of HTML classes works these days.

I know this touches on something Steve said yesterday about getting
quads when you're expecting triples; I'll reply to that separately.

     -- Sandro

Received on Wednesday, 9 May 2012 13:35:58 UTC