Re: RDF Semantics Editors Draft?

On Mon, 2012-05-14 at 00:11 -0500, Pat Hayes wrote:
> The rules are a kind of introduction to implementing reasoners,
> although they are pretty awful when viewed in this light. 

Does anyone have some good references on this?   Maybe a textbook or
survey paper on building reasoners, which uses terminology and examples
well-matched with RDF, if not exactly RDF examples?

I think there's a perception that rules are a quick and easy way to
build a decent reasoner.   Maybe that question is ill-formed, since it
all depends what kind of logic one is trying to reason on, and RDFS, OWL
Direct Semantics and OWL RDF-Based Semantics are quite different.

Is there a way we can talk about this in spec?  Maybe a non-normative
section in RDF Semantics, "Implementation Advice", with few paragraphs
about implementation techniques, including some good references?   I
think we can assume some professional competence, here, Pat, but RDF is
kind of a cross-field thing, and very few people are trained to know
much about automated reasoning AND distributed databases AND and Web
protocols and formats. 

   -- Sandro

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