Re: Definitions of namespace IRI/prefix added to RDF Concepts (was: Re: Ambiguity of "RDF namespace")

On 13 May 2012, at 04:29, Pat Hayes wrote:
> On this point, the 2004 RDF primer has this to say:
> "In the rest of the Primer, the term vocabulary will be used when referring to a set of URIrefs defined for some specific purpose, such as the set of URIrefs defined by RDF for its own use, or the set of URIrefs defined by to identify its employees. The term namespace will be used only when referring specifically to the syntactic concept of an XML namespace (or in describing the URI assigned to a prefix in a QName)."
> Seems to me that we just need to be careful to not remove this, and we should still be OK.

This text is pretty good. What we have added to RDF Concepts is compatible with this. OTOH this text only explains how terms are used *in the Primer*. It's also a non-normative document.

The Primer is best understood as a tutorial, not a reference document. Terms that need definitions that people may want to look up again later should really be defined elsewhere.


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