Re: Request for FPWD via RDF WG of JSON-LD Syntax and API specs

On 5/24/12 10:47 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> There are three communities in mind here:
> 1) Web developers that need to use a form of Linked Data that is not
>    as extensive as requiring TURTLE, SPARQL, or a Graph store.

Do you mean structured data without being particularly interested in 
Linked Data specifics or subjective peculiarities?

> 2) The Linked Data folks who see RDF as too complicated and desire
>    something simpler.

Do you mean Web developers that see RDF/XML as too complex and don't 
necessarily *sense* or buy into the notion of an RDF data model distinct 
from a collection of expression syntaxes and data representation formats?

There's nothing complex about a triple or quad modulo the kind of 
syntactic obfuscation demonstrated with aplomb by RDF/XML.

> 3) RDF folks that would like a JSON serialization, but don't have
>    any of the issues with bringing themselves up to speed that
>    group #1 has currently. 
This developer profile is the only one that's clear to me, at this time.



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