Re: Subsection 11.2 - Displaying (X)HTML


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On 17 May 2012, at 17:48, Gavin Carothers wrote:
> All of the Turtle in HTML section is non-normative.

Is it?

It's currently impossible to tell what's normative and what's informative in the Turtle ED.

Some sections are titled “X.Y Section Title (Informative)”.

Some sections are titled “X.Y Section Title (Normative)”.

Some sections are just titled “X.Y Section Title”.

Some sections start with the phrase “This section is non-normative”. The presence of this phrase seems not to be correlated with the presence of “(Informative)” in the section title.

W3C's QA Framework [1] states as a Good Practice: “Specify in the conformance clause how to distinguish normative from informative content.” In fact, ReSpec automatically includes a boilerplate sentence defining this when you include a section like so:

   <section id="conformance">
       (… additional body content for Conformance section here …)

This also inserts boilerplate explaining the RFC2119 magic words (MUST, SHOULD, etc.) and a reference to the RFC. This is currently also missing from the Turtle ED.

See [2] for an example of this ReSpec feature in action.



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