JSON-LD FPWD publication proposal

Hi folks,

We had a fairly thorough discussion on the JSON-LD telecon today (which
included a few RDF WG members) about the best way to proceed with the
JSON-LD spec publication via the RDF WG:


The primary concerns that we discussed were:

1. Will the terminology be changed to be more compatible with RDF
2. Can the RDF WG publish the JSON-LD API?
3. Should the RDF WG publish the JSON-LD API?
4. How should the RDF conversion algorithms for JSON-LD be published?
5. How would the hand-off of documents occur between the JSON-LD CG and
   the RDF WG.

A very brief explanation of the findings can be summarized as:

1. Yes, the terminology will be brought in line with RDF Concepts
   where it makes sense to do so (which applies to roughly 90% of the
   cases right now).
2. Tentatively, yes. Documents supporting APIs making the use of new
   syntaxes easier, such as API documents, may be published as long as
   there is no objection from W3C member companies. We need to do
   discovery to make sure there is no objection.
3. The RDF WG should publish a trimmed-down version of the JSON-LD API,
   removing the only experimental algorithm at the moment - the framing
   algorithm. All other algorithms in the spec have been stable for a
   number of months and are ready to proceed along a W3C REC track.
4. The RDF conversion algorithms should be published along with the
   trimmed-down JSON-LD API spec to fulfill the RDF WG's charter
5. The W3C Head of Communications has outlined the publication and
   hand-off process, which the JSON-LD CG will follow when handing
   the documents off to the RDF WG.

This is the proposal that seemed to have consensus by the end of the call:

PROPOSAL: The RDF WG should publish the JSON-LD Syntax specification and
a stripped down version of the JSON-LD API specification, with the
framing algorithm removed, as FPWDs.

The people on the call felt that this approach would address many of the
concerns voiced by participants over the last two weeks.

-- manu

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