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On 5/25/12 9:41 AM, Dan Brickley wrote:
> -2 on redefining 'Resource'.
> The 1997 era specs tried using it in that way, but there has never
> ever been a clear account of the class of things that are picked out
> vs rejected. Deciding on which things are legally RESTy in this sense
> is a huge exercise in ontologising, and not something that should be
> baked into the core concepts. By contrast, "Resource is our word for
> 'thing'" is pretty straightforward to explain.
> imho etc,
> Dan

We don't have to redefine 'Resource'. All we have to do is assume that 
readers of the spec understand that a URI denotes an entity and URLs 
identify resources. That also means that a generic HTTP URI can denote 
an entity and -- via magic of indirection -- identify a resource that's 
comprised of RDF content that describes said URI's referent.

We've finally separated 'Entity' and 'Resource'. Hence my comment in an 
earlier post:  identifies a "resource" and "denotes" 
an entity. As for the actual entity in question, this is clarified when 
you de-reference the identifier and discern resource content.



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