Re: JSON-LD Syntax request for FPWD via RDF WG

On 22-05-2012 06:19, Manu Sporny wrote:
> Last week, the Linked Data in JSON Community Group discussed whether or
> not we thought that JSON-LD was ready to be moved into the RDF WG for
> REC-track standardization:
> There was consensus that the JSON-LD Syntax is finalized (as far as the
> CG is concerned). There may be one more change that we are considering,
> but that change would depend on feedback we get from this group. There
> will, of course, be plenty of opportunity to discuss changes to the spec
> in the RDF WG.
> There is a date-stamped document that is available for review here:
> So, this is a request to place the JSON-LD Syntax specification on the
> W3C Recommendation track via the RDF Working Group. David, Guus - what
> are the next steps?


I will put it on tomorrow's agenda, mainly to discuss the process and 
maybe a short Q&A session.


> -- manu

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