Re: Proposal for adding new datatypes from XSD 1.1 (ISSUE-66)

On 2 May 2012, at 13:18, David Wood wrote:
>> The proposal is to allow everything in RDF 1.1 that is already allowed in either of RDF 1.0, SPARQL, OWL2, or RIF.
>> (xsd:precisionDecimal is the only new XSD 1.1 type that shows up on neither of these lists and hence isn't included in the proposal.)
> The 2004 RDF Concepts, section 5, notes that, "Certain XML Schema built-in datatypes are not suitable for use within RDF." but I can't see why xsd:precisionDecimal would fall into that category.
> So, why not include xsd:precisionDecimal as well?  I see no harm in that.

I don't know. There may have been some reason why OWL2 and RIF do not allow xsd:precisionDecimal.


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