Re: Making progress on graphs

> On modifying N-quads to support empty named graphs, maybe this is the
> time to make N-quads (or a differently-named simple, line-oriented
> syntax) be a subset of trig.   Maybe each line is one of:
>     <blank line>
>     # comment
>     s p o.           - triple in default graph
>     g { s p o }.     - triple in named graph
>     g { }.           - empty named graph

(for the record as no response seems to be taken as agreement)

I see no point in breaking every existing N-Quads file with a named 
graph in it.

My suggestion was:

_  <http://example/g> .

to extend existing N-Quads practice IF necessary.

[I have always found having the graph id last odd but I understand shy 
it's that way and the original naming was "s p o c" but readability of 
NQ is not a primary concern.]


Received on Friday, 18 May 2012 17:36:07 UTC