Request for FPWD via RDF WG of JSON-LD Syntax and API specs

During the RDF WG telecon today, there was a concern that the RDF WG
should not publish the JSON-LD Syntax document if there wasn't a clear
understanding of how one converts to and from RDF. That algorithm
resides in the JSON-LD API. There were two alternatives that were proposed:

1) Move the toRDF() and fromRDF() API calls (and all necessary IDL) from
the JSON-LD API into the JSON-LD Syntax document.
2) Publish both the JSON-LD Syntax specification and the JSON-LD API
specification via the RDF WG at the same time.

This request was made because the RDF WG does not believe that it should
publish a specification that does not make some sort of normative
statement about how to serialize RDF. The JSON-LD Syntax specification
normatively references the JSON-LD API specification, which contains the
normative algorithm for converting to/from RDF.

The first option is problematic because it muddies the clear delineation
we have now between JSON-LD "the language" and JSON-LD "the API".

The second option is more reasonable, but requires us to publish the
JSON-LD API when we are still 3-4 months away from finalizing it. Doing
this would still be okay since FPWDs don't have to be "complete" by any
stretch of the imagination.

Therefore, this is a request that the RDF WG publish both the JSON-LD
Syntax specification and the JSON-LD API specification as FPWDs.

The JSON-LD Syntax specification can be found here:

The JSON-LD API specification can be found here:

If any member of the Linked JSON Community Group would like to object to
this request, please do so before next Wednesday at 11am ET. Keep in
mind that an objection will result in FPWDs not being considered for
publication by the RDF WG.

The RDF WG will re-visit the request next week during the telecon.

-- manu

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Received on Thursday, 24 May 2012 03:46:27 UTC