Proposal for getting Turtle to LC and N-Triples to FPWD


Separate N-Triples from Turtle document. Publish Turtle as Last Call,
publish N-Triples as FPWD


This is the first publication of N-Triples, there will be a great deal
of feedback as it stands the N-Triples section of the Turtle document
is not ready for Last Call. The Turtle specification itself is made
worse by trying to explain N-Triples at the same time as Turtle.
Examples will need to be duplicated, confusion about is the same
between Turtle and N-Triples is increased not decreased. It will be
easier to create better recommendations with them as two separate
documents than the current combined form.

I'm perfectly happy to keep editing both documents and get both of
them to Last Call as soon as possible.


Received on Friday, 18 May 2012 17:51:27 UTC