Re: rdf11-concepts WD ready

Reading recent posts, it occurs to me that this can be misunderstood:

"The set of nodes of an RDF graph is the set of subjects and objects of triples in the graph. Predicate IRIs /may/ also appear as nodes in the graph."

The second sentence, especially by its use of RFC2119 codeword, could be read as saying that it is OK to count predicate IRIs as nodes, which is not the intended meaning. Might be better to rephrase it something like

"It is possible for a predicate IRI to also occur as a node in the same graph."

On May 29, 2012, at 5:34 PM, Richard Cyganiak wrote:

> In case anyone wants to have a last-minute check of the RDF Concepts draft before it goes out for publication:
> The publication date is still preliminary.
> Best,
> Richard

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