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Re: Question about RDF Spaces

From: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 09:18:12 +0200
Cc: nathan@webr3.org, RDF WG <public-rdf-wg@w3.org>
Message-Id: <0AAEDDFE-5E43-4C32-A15F-2140B7FE9671@w3.org>
To: Sandro Hawke <sandro@w3.org>

On May 28, 2012, at 02:59 , Sandro Hawke wrote:
>> As a secondary question, what happens when I want to apply any of the 
>> usecases to a quadset / dataset? do I then need a 5-tuple?
> No, that's what the somewhat confusing 'Untrusting Merge" section is
> trying to explain, although I understand it does it poorly.
> If you want to load a graph into a dataset while keeping it distinct (so
> you can delete it later, keep track of where it came from, whatever,
> without it touching anything in there now), you put it into a fresh
> named graph.   If you want to load a dataset into a dataset while while
> keeping it distinct in the same way, you load each of its graphs into
> fresh named graphs, and do a little renaming and recordkeeping.   It's
> not quite as elegant as arbitrary nesting, but it's not bad, and might
> be easier to code efficiently.

Thank you; now I understand what you want to achieve;-)


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