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[css-syntax] string to number feedback Marc O'Morain (Sunday, 30 June)

CSS Namespaces, Content, Reference Combinators and the Styling of XML-Based Citations and References Adam Sobieski (Saturday, 29 June)

[css3-transitions] Add direction selectors for transitions Brice PARENT (Friday, 28 June)

[css-lists] size of images used as list-style-image Nick Cameron (Thursday, 27 June)

lazy loading for images via css Felipe Nascimento de Moura (Friday, 28 June)

[css-compositing] Compositing and Blending 1.0 WD updated and published Rik Cabanier (Friday, 28 June)

[CSSWG] Minutes F2F 2013-06-05 Wed PM IV: Syntax and Conditional Rules, Variables fantasai (Friday, 28 June)

[CSSWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-05 Wed PM III: Counter Styles, Cascade fantasai (Friday, 28 June)

[CSSWG][SVGWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-05 Wed PM II: Zoom Media Queries, CSS XSS, Shapes Deps fantasai (Friday, 28 June)

[CSSWG][SVGWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-05 Wed PM II: Compositing and Blending fantasai (Friday, 28 June)

[CSSWG][SVGWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-05 Wed AM II: Stroke/Fill on Text, SVG Text Wrapping fantasai (Friday, 28 June)

[CSSWG][SVGWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-05 Wed AM I: Web Animations fantasai (Friday, 28 June)

[cssom] Author-defined at-rules Jon Rimmer (Friday, 28 June)

Sticky positioning of tall elements with both top/bottom Corey Ford (Thursday, 27 June)

[cssom] Idiom for representing at-rules containing properties? Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 27 June)

Re: [css3-fonts][cssom] CSSFontFeatureValuesRule vs. CSSKeyframesRule Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 27 June)

[css-ui] “::resizer” proposal and clarification of the “cursor”value 一丝 (Thursday, 27 June)

[css3-multicol] Section 2. The multi-column model, Example 8 Gérard Talbot (Wednesday, 26 June)

Re: [CSS21][css3-text] letter-spacing, word-spacing and justification Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 26 June)

Compositing and Blending / canvas Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 26 June)

Agenda conf call 26-jun-2013 Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 26 June)

[web-animations] Web Animations 1.0 FPWD published Brian Birtles (Tuesday, 25 June)

[css-syntax] Comments on "Parser Algorithms" section L. David Baron (Tuesday, 25 June)

Re: [css3-fonts] font-size-adjust and em/ex values fantasai (Tuesday, 25 June)

[css-text-decor] line-decoration averaging or not fantasai (Tuesday, 25 June)

[css-align] Some issues for align-self Christian Biesinger (Tuesday, 25 June)

Fwd: Re: [cssom-view] Is there a need for a plural form of document.caretPositionFromPoint()? Scott Johnson (Tuesday, 25 June)

[css3-transitions] Transition from display: none Tobias Ritzau (Tuesday, 25 June)

[cssom-view] Is there a need for a plural form of document.caretPositionFromPoint()? Sebastian Zartner (Tuesday, 25 June)

[css-inline] computed value and inheritance of line-height:normal Cameron McCormack (Tuesday, 25 June)

Linking test suites to specs Rebecca Hauck (Monday, 24 June)

Re: [css-syntax] <an+b> grammar Tab Atkins Jr. (Monday, 24 June)

[css-cascade] Naming "value of a declaration", renaming "specified value" Tab Atkins Jr. (Monday, 24 June)

[css-shapes] Can I start a new editor's draft for level 2? Alan Stearns (Monday, 24 June)

[cssom] Constructor for MediaList Simon Pieters (Monday, 24 June)

[cssom][css3-values] Serialization of initial from shorthand Rune Lillesveen (Monday, 24 June)

Re: [cssom-view] new method, like document.elementFromPoint(), but in the document's coordinate space Simon Pieters (Monday, 24 June)

text-overflow:ellipsis and text-overflow:<string> need to truncate bidi text logically Aharon (Vladimir) Lanin (Monday, 24 June)

[css3-ui] Editing 'resize' Article Notification HP (Saturday, 22 June)

Which browser's do support the sticky position? Behrang Saeedzadeh (Sunday, 23 June)

transition using matrix to/from zero values can not be decomposed Jon Ronnenberg (Sunday, 23 June)

[css-shapes] Changed initial value of shape-image-threshold Alan Stearns (Saturday, 22 June)

Modulus operator & division by values Maël Nison (Friday, 21 June)

Relatively positioned box inside an absolutely positioned box Glen Huang (Friday, 21 June)

media query definitions Behrang Saeedzadeh (Friday, 21 June)

Treat background-image: url("") as background-image: none; in CSS proposal. Vsevolod Vlasov (Friday, 21 June)

[css-flexbox] 'stretch' can shrink flex items - is this intended? Alan Stearns (Friday, 21 June)

[css-align] Issues with <overflow-position> Julien Chaffraix (Thursday, 20 June)

[CSSWG][css-shapes] First Public WD of CSS Shapes Alan Stearns (Thursday, 20 June)

[css3-text] Hanging 'text-wrap' reference Eric A. Meyer (Thursday, 20 June)

[css-variables] CSSVariablesMap enumeration Alan Cutter (Thursday, 20 June)

[css-shapes] shape-outside and floats interaction Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 19 June)

[css3-text] Editorial: CJK codepoints or CJK content language rather than CJK text Simon Sapin (Wednesday, 19 June)

[css3-fonts] 'font-feature-settings' and BlueGriffon Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 19 June)

Github mirror: how does it work? Dimitri Glazkov (Wednesday, 19 June)

[css3-grid-layout] Clarification on ' span' named grid line Julien Chaffraix (Wednesday, 19 June)

[css3-transitions][css3-animations] Proposal for animation-timing keywords for half-parabola curves - facilitating correct rise/fall/bounce type animations Dean Trower (Wednesday, 19 June)

Agenda conf call 19-jun-2013 Peter Linss (Wednesday, 19 June)

CSS overprinting Lea Verou (Tuesday, 18 June)

[css3-images] Helping implementers with math Simon Sapin (Tuesday, 18 June)

[css-writing-modes] Should <svg> be upright in vertical writing modes? Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 18 June)

[cssom-view] colorDepth/pixelDepth, match implementations or theoretical purity? Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 18 June)

Re: [css-ui] Agenda request: Revive directional focus navigation properties Giuseppe Pascale (Tuesday, 18 June)

[css-conditional][cssom] Why CSSConditionRule? Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 18 June)

[css3-text] letter-spacing examples John Daggett (Monday, 17 June)

[css-text] What does 'text-align: start end' do on the last line? L. David Baron (Monday, 17 June)

Scoped SVG styles? Dimitri Glazkov (Monday, 17 June)

[css-regions][css-flexbox] Interaction between flexboxes and regions Catalin Badea (Monday, 17 June)

[css3-text] undefined behavior for combination of text-align/text-align-last John Daggett (Monday, 17 June)

[css3-text] behavior of 'text-justify: none' is undefined John Daggett (Monday, 17 June)

[css3-text] text-justify should apply to inline elements John Daggett (Sunday, 16 June)

[CSS21][css-syntax] Does selector+EOF create an empty rule? Simon Sapin (Friday, 14 June)

[css-shapes] "box" value for shape-inside Tab Atkins Jr. (Friday, 14 June)

[css-variables] CSSVariablesMap interface doubts Claudio Saavedra (Friday, 14 June)

[css-backgrounds] Painting area and 'background-attachment: local' Simon Sapin (Friday, 14 June)

FW: [mediaqueries] RESOLVED: 'not', 'only', 'and', 'or' are invalid media types James Ross (Friday, 14 June)

[mediaqueries] RESOLVED: 'not', 'only', 'and', 'or' are invalid media types Florian Rivoal (Friday, 14 June)

[css-syntax][css-variables] Extend !important to !<anything>* Simon Sapin (Friday, 14 June)

[css3-text] Issues that need i18n help fantasai (Friday, 14 June)

[css-text] text-align-last and cascading fantasai (Friday, 14 June)

[css-flexbox] [css-align] unprefixing alignment properties before css-align Christian Biesinger (Thursday, 13 June)

[css-regions] ::region() or ::fragment() pseudo-element Alan Stearns (Thursday, 13 June)

[cssom-view][css-ui] elementsFromPoint() and pointer-events:paint-order Alan Stearns (Thursday, 13 June)

Position: relative and table cells François REMY (Thursday, 13 June)

[css-shapes][Editorial] Are SVG images allowed? Lea Verou (Thursday, 13 June)

[selectors4] Multiple subject indicators Lea Verou (Thursday, 13 June)

[css-flexbox] w3c tests? Christian Biesinger (Wednesday, 12 June)

[css-variables] Missing specifications for CSSVariablesMap::set() Claudio Saavedra (Wednesday, 12 June)

Re: [css-images] Intent to implement object-fit and object-position in Blink Morten Stenshorne (Wednesday, 12 June)

[css-writing-modes] Tate-chu-yoko sizing rules fantasai (Wednesday, 12 June)

Reducing Selector Verbosity Tom Wardrop (Tuesday, 11 June)

[css-grid-layout] typo in shorthand definition Florian Rivoal (Tuesday, 11 June)

[css3-writing-modes] Random comments Simon Sapin (Tuesday, 11 June)

[css-variables] Reopening the casing issue François REMY (Tuesday, 11 June)

ceil support for calculated units? Netmosfera (Tuesday, 11 June)

Document on requirements for Korean Language / Hangul text layout L. David Baron (Tuesday, 11 June)

[css-variables] Remaining Issues Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 11 June)

Re: Dropping nav-* properties? Giuseppe Pascale (Monday, 10 June)

Re: [css-text-decor-3] text-decoration model should account for 'objects' ∉ 'text-decoration-skip' fantasai (Monday, 10 June)

Re: [css-text] clarification may be needed for text-align:match-parent fantasai (Monday, 10 June)

Re: [css-variables] are variables animatable? François REMY (Monday, 10 June)

Re: [css-text-decor-3] Is handling of no-<color> text-shadow for text decorations intentional? fantasai (Monday, 10 June)

[css-variables] Editorial comments Simon Sapin (Sunday, 9 June)

[css-variables] Serialization of custom properties vs. comments Simon Sapin (Sunday, 9 June)

Re: [css-conditional] assigning to conditionText and calling CSS.supports() Tab Atkins Jr. (Sunday, 9 June)

[css-anims] Play-state interaction with delay update François REMY (Sunday, 9 June)

[css3-cascade] Rolling back the cascade and 'default' fantasai (Sunday, 9 June)

[css-cascade] actual value calculation Praveen Kumar (Saturday, 8 June)

[css3-cascade] Editorial comments Simon Sapin (Sunday, 9 June)

Re: [css3-syntax][css3-cascade] Conflicting definitions of !important Simon Sapin (Sunday, 9 June)

[naming] style sheet vs. stylesheet Simon Sapin (Sunday, 9 June)

[cssom] rules for serializing :nth-child(an+b) drops signs L. David Baron (Saturday, 8 June)

[css3-cascade] Style attributes have no style rule Simon Sapin (Saturday, 8 June)

[css3-cascade] Filtering invalid declarations Simon Sapin (Saturday, 8 June)

[cssom] serialization of type selectors with namespaces L. David Baron (Saturday, 8 June)

s/rule ?set/style rule/g Simon Sapin (Saturday, 8 June)

[css3-cascade][css3-values] Include 'default' in CSS-wide keywords definition Simon Sapin (Saturday, 8 June)

[css3-cascade] Multiple @import rules for the same stylesheet Simon Sapin (Saturday, 8 June)

[css3-cascade] @import syntax Simon Sapin (Saturday, 8 June)

[css-shapes] Handling large corner radii values for rectangle and inset-rectangle Bem Jones-Bey (Friday, 7 June)

CSS Flexible Box Layout Module gets a NetAward !!! Daniel Glazman (Friday, 7 June)

Use of Futures/Promises in CSS Font Face APIs Glenn Adams (Friday, 7 June)

[cssom][security] Cross-origin style sheets Simon Pieters (Friday, 7 June)

[css-shapes] restricting <uri> in shape-outside to CORS-same-origin? Alan Stearns (Friday, 7 June)

Re: [mediaqueries4] Media queries for viewport positions Jake Archibald (Friday, 7 June)

[css-counter-styles] Editorial comments Simon Sapin (Friday, 7 June)

[css-counter-styles] Where can symbols() be used? Simon Sapin (Friday, 7 June)

Re: Comments for Grid Layout Bert Bos (Friday, 7 June)

[css-counter-styles] Additive system pathological cases Simon Sapin (Friday, 7 June)

[css-counter-styles] 'symbolic' algorithm Simon Sapin (Friday, 7 June)

Re: [css3-transitions] "seamless" additive animations Kevin Doughty (Friday, 7 June)

Re: [css-counter-styles-3] Writing mode based glyphs for disclosure-open/close Simon Sapin (Friday, 7 June)

[css3-background][css-exclusions] Inner corners and content adapting backgrounds Henrik Andersson (Thursday, 6 June)

RE: [css3-fonts] "font-feature-settings: none" shorthand? Levantovsky, Vladimir (Thursday, 6 June)

[css3-mediaqueries][css-device-adapt] Combining @viewport with the Fullscreen API Kenneth Rohde Christiansen (Thursday, 6 June)

[css3-fonts] why subscript/superscript metrics can't be used for text decorations John Daggett (Thursday, 6 June)

[selectors4] comment on section 14 (Grid-Structural Selectors) Daniel Glazman (Thursday, 6 June)

[css3-fonts] Unclear whether bad ranges are dropped at parse time L. David Baron (Thursday, 6 June)

[css-shapes] issue 16716, shape from rendered content Alan Stearns (Thursday, 6 June)

[css3-fonts] additional comments on synthetic italics from Taro Yamamoto John Daggett (Thursday, 6 June)

Re: [css-fonts] proposal needed for synthesizing oblique fonts in vertical text MURAKAMI Shinyu (Wednesday, 5 June)

[css3-text] puzzling new definition of expansion opportunity John Daggett (Wednesday, 5 June)

[css3-text] letter-spacing and text-justify: distribute John Daggett (Wednesday, 5 June)

Re: [css3-fonts] @font-feature-values editorial John Daggett (Wednesday, 5 June)

[css-syntax] Add "Parse a list of rules" Simon Sapin (Wednesday, 5 June)

Re: [CSS2] first-line-selector-011.htm Rune Lillesveen (Wednesday, 5 June)

[css3-text] letter-spacing and ligatures John Daggett (Wednesday, 5 June)

[css3-text] minor editorial comments John Daggett (Wednesday, 5 June)

Re: [css-masking] 'mask: none' clear all masking operations fantasai (Tuesday, 4 June)

Re: [cssom-view] value of scrollLeft in RTL situations is completely busted across browsers Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 4 June)

Re: [css3-writing-modes][cssom-view] scrollIntoView in vertical flow Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 4 June)

margin-before and legend Robert Hogan (Tuesday, 4 June)

Re: [cssom] Supporting JS properties whose names are CSS property names on CSSDeclaration objects Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 4 June)

Re: [css4-background] use cases for 'border-corner-shape'? Lea Verou (Tuesday, 4 June)

[css3-text-overflow] Question regarding float and text-overflow: ellipsis(float 和 text-overflow: ellipsis 的问题) 一丝 (Tuesday, 4 June)

Re: [css3-multicol] updated editor's draft Håkon Wium Lie (Monday, 3 June)

Re: [css3-conditional] box-shadow example L. David Baron (Monday, 3 June)

Re: [css-syntax] Changes from CSS 2.1 and Selectors 3 Simon Sapin (Monday, 3 June)

Re: [mediaqueries4][css3-conditional] Whitespace: "and(" vs. "and (" Simon Sapin (Sunday, 2 June)

[cssom] What does Element.pseudo() return when there's no corresponding pseudo-element? L. David Baron (Saturday, 1 June)

Re: [mediaqueries] User-defined Media Queries? Kenneth Rohde Christiansen (Saturday, 1 June)

Re: [css-display]? Compositing, expensive things, and laziness Robert O'Callahan (Saturday, 1 June)

extract elements from within the "overflow viewport" ? Netmosfera (Saturday, 1 June)

Re: [css3-fonts] computed style for font-feature-settings? John Daggett (Saturday, 1 June)

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