Re: [css-shapes] issue 16716, shape from rendered content

On 6/6/13 11:45 PM, "Brad Kemper" <> wrote:

>On Jun 5, 2013, at 10:24 PM, Alan Stearns <> wrote:
>> the requirement
>> for using shapes from SVG elements that I've already moved out of the
>> current draft.
>> ... The most-frequently-requested method for defining a shape
>> is using the alpha channel of an image, which the first level includes.
>I don't understand. what has been moved out? I still see much about SVG
>in the draft.
>If the image is an SVG, and there is 'mask-source-type: alpha', then
>doesn't the 'a' of the rgba values in the SVG determine the shape? Given
>a solid shape against a transparent background in an SVG file, is this
>not the same as "using shapes from SVG elements"?

This came up in the discussion of this issue yesterday as well, so thanks
for bringing it up on the list. Shapes from SVG *images* is still in level
1 of the draft. As you note, you'll be able to use the alpha information
in an SVG image to construct a shape.

What's pushed to level 2 is shapes from SVG *elements*, which would
construct a shape out of path data in the SVG. This was not defined
precisely in the older draft (is it all paths, lines and shapes in the SVG
element, or just some outer contour? Would this be something more like
constructing a shape from the rendered contours of an SVG element?). But
the future feature for shapes from SVG elements would be more than looking
at the alpha information.



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