Re: [css-flexbox] [css-align] unprefixing alignment properties before css-align

>> I would like to unprefix and ship flexbox in Chrome, and have a patch
>> ready to do so.
>> But before I do that, I wanted to hear opinions about shipping the
>> align-*/justify-* properties before we implement the full css-align
>> spec. For example, conceivably, web authors will write code like:
>>   * { justify-content: center; }
>> And for now it will only apply to flexbox, but once we implement
>> css-align, it would start applying to all blocks and mess up layouts.
>> Now personally, I think that risk is somewhat low and people can just
>> fix their sites, but does anyone have other opinions on this?
> I think it's acceptable, and we're planning to have Alignment finished
> in the near future anyway.

FWIW our concerns were that there seem to be a mismatch between the
stability of Flexbox and Alignment. The Flexbox specification doesn't
depends on Alignment explicitly [1] but from an implementer's
perspective, because they share the same CSS properties, we have to be
careful with unprefixing before Alignment has enough maturity as they
are already exposed to the web.


[1] The Grid specification does though and that's what prompted us to
evaluate unprefixing these common properties.

Received on Friday, 14 June 2013 00:51:35 UTC