RE: Dropping nav-* properties?


In my knowledge, nav-* property is useful for the contents for supporting remote
controller and TV screen.

The pros is content author can write the behaviour in straightforward manner
by assigning destination element. It is quite easy rather than making focus
navigation by JS.

However if we will make responsible design application, as Glenn's mentioned, 
we need to prepare a set of nav-* properties. Dynamical preparation is best, but
it could be discrete in some case.

I believe there are benefits to the nav-* prop for content author for some case,
but not be essential since it can be done by using JavaScript.

-- Yoshiharu

Yoshiharu Dewa
Standard Technology Development Department
Information Technology Development Division
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Sony Corporation

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> > Giuseppe,
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> > We do, of course, absolutely require up, down, left right keys in TV and
> set-top box Web applications to support TV remotes. Regarding these specific
> >
> > - What do the nav-* properties bring that cannot be done in other ways
> (HTML, JavaScript, DOM Event APIs, etc.)?
> >
> CSS can reposition elements on the viewport. It would be very inconvenient
> to attempt to mark the navigation data elsewhere, since it would at minimum
> have to ask where css put the content.
> It also risks making things complicated if media queries were employed to
> select different layouts depending on uhm, media conditions.
> TL;DR: Navigation depends on visual layout. CSS controls visual layout.

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