Re: [selectors4] Multiple subject indicators

> [...] the behaviour of CSS Selectors is undefined when
> multiple subject indicators [1] are specified. [...]
> I guess there are two reasonable things to do here:
> a) The selector is invalid and the entire rule is discarded per regular 
> CSS rules
> b) The last subject wins

I've no strong opinion on this, but I wonder why you didn't include a third 

   (c) both subjects are valid ('!ul + !p img' selects both the 'ul' and the 

This is actually the same as '!ul + p img, ul + !p img' but is shorter.

I've been thinking aloud just now, and found one case where I could have 
used this:

    article > !h2 ~ !* { display: none; }

which would only display the introductory paragraphs of a blog post 
(provided that like me you use an H2 when you enter more details)


Received on Thursday, 13 June 2013 12:18:13 UTC