RE: [css3-fonts] "font-feature-settings: none" shorthand?

On Friday, May 31, 2013 2:01 AM Glenn Adams wrote"

> Let's say for script S, the following features are enabled by default:
> 'ccmp'
> 'liga'
> 'loca'
> 'kern'
> 'mark'
> 'mkmk'
> Now I could specify:
> font-feature-settings:
> 'ccmp' off,
> 'liga' off,
> 'loca' off,
> 'kern' off,
> 'mark' off,
> 'mkmk' off;
> that is, if I happen to know that the implementation enables these by default 
> and that the font I'm using uses these, or I could specify:
> font-feature-settings: none;
> or, if you prefer,
> font-feature-settings: off;

In my opinion, the important difference here is 'knowing' vs. 'not knowing' what is enabled and what can be turned off. Using a targeted approach to turn off a particular feature knowing its initial state is fine, but I would be hesitant to give a clueless author a "font-feature-settings-shotgun" to experiment with.

> Frankly, this is a very straightforward syntactic shorthand, easily 
> implementable (if one supports font-feature-settings at all).

Given the intricacies of the script-dependent text shaping I am not sure if layout engines have readily available APIs to control all default features. Without them, what may seem like a straightforward syntactic shorthand may become an implementation nightmare.



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