[css3-background][css-exclusions] Inner corners and content adapting backgrounds

I have been thinking about corners. It is nice to have rounded corners
(and other shapes too), but they are always on the outer corners of a box.

Now, traditional boxes in css always has four corners, all outer
corners. But what if I want a non rectangular box?

Features such as floats and exclusions allow other content to shorten
the lineboxes in a container. This can look strange if the content has a
border and/or background.

As such I wonder if there is any use for a new mode (layout mode?
display mode? help!) where the background and border follows the lineboxes.

This would require inner corners in the box model. But more importantly,
it requires some rather complicated shape following behavior, especially
when it comes to shape based exclusions.

Some of these effects can be replicated by inverting the viewpoint. It's
not the box with the border that has inner corners, it is the butting in
content that has the border and outer corners. But this can get awkward,
especially if you can't predict exactly how other content is going to
butt in.


Received on Thursday, 6 June 2013 14:16:23 UTC