Re: Linking test suites to specs

On Monday 2013-06-24 16:30 -0700, Rebecca Hauck wrote:
>  1.  Add the Test Suite section to all of the specs – those with no tests labeled "none yet"
>  2.  Link to the test suite cover page per fantasai's suggestion

There should be instructions somewhere on how to cause such a test
suite cover page to exist for a new spec.  Part of the reason I
wrote "none yet" was because I couldn't (I think) do it myself, and
it didn't seem worth bothering somebody else about when there
weren't any tests yet.

I think the cover page should also link to existing results for the
tests (which is why I had two links in one spec, I suspect), though
we should also start gathering such existing results through
automation rather than encouraging manual running of the tests.


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