Re: [css-variables] Remaining Issues

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 2:11 AM, Sebastian Zartner
<> wrote:
> Just to be clear here: Properties using var() will still be animatable and
> the transition will be smooth (as far as I understand), so most use-cases
> will already be covered anyway.
> To stick with the example above: "color: var(foo);" will fade between red
> and blue.

Yes.  By the time animation happens (computed value time), the
variables have already been replaced away, so you can't tell the
properties used var() at all.

> The use-case for animating custom properties is to animate parts of normal
> properties like "transform: rotate(var(rotation)) skewX(var(skew));"
> individually.

Yes (though as I keep saying, you can't get what you actually want
until we can type-hint the custom properties).

> Little unrelated question:
> It seems the standard also allows to have functions as custom property
> values, e.g. "transform: var(transform-function1)
> var(transform-function2);"? Is that correct?

Yes, you can have *anything* in a custom property (except for the few
little bits of invalid tokens).


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