Re: [css3-text] letter-spacing and ligatures

2013/6/5 John Daggett <>:
>> When the effective letter-spacing between two characters is not zero
>> (due to either justification or a non-zero specified optimum), user
>> agents should not apply optional ligatures.
> This is left over from the definition of letter-spacing with min/max values.
> When letter-spacing is not 'normal', ligatures should be disabled.  They are
> not disabled based on justification.
> I would suggest this wording:
>   When 'letter-spacing' is set to an explicit length value,
>   optional ligatures enabled by default are explicitly disabled.

How about when letter-spacing is explicitly set to zero (such as when
people need to do CSS resets)? I donít think an explicit length value
of zero should turn ligatures off.

-ambrose <>

Received on Wednesday, 5 June 2013 04:51:06 UTC