Re: [cssom-view] new method, like document.elementFromPoint(), but in the document's coordinate space

On Wed, 24 Oct 2012 00:33:02 +0200, Edward O'Connor <>  

> Hi,
> Both document.elementFromPoint() and document.caretPositionFromPoint()
> take viewpoint coordinates, and return null if the coordinates given
> identify a point outside of the visible viewport. This prevents using
> these methods for hit testing elements elsewhere in the document.

What's the use case? Do you know of any pages that work around the lack of  
this feature?

> We've had a few feature requests for equivalent methods which operate
> within the document's coordinate space, and personally I think it's a
> good idea.

Do you have pointers to these requests?

> Implementing such methods in WebKit would be pretty
> straightforward. What do other engine implementors think?
> I'll refrain from suggesting names; feel free to bikeshed! :)


Simon Pieters
Opera Software

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