Re: text-overflow:ellipsis and text-overflow:<string> need to truncate bidi text logically

On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 4:08 AM, Tab Atkins Jr. <>wrote:

> We had this exact discussion some time ago, and decided very
> deliberately that we wanted the ellipsis to be a visual effect, not a
> logical one.  I'd recommend searching the mailing lists for these
> discussions first, so you can see the older arguments for it.

I tried to make those arguments all over again, but Aharon was not
dissuaded. I think I should have just sent him to you :-).

One additional issue that Aharon didn't bring up is that in Webkit/Blink at
least, the implementation of logical text-overflow is, shall we say,
"partial". In particular, full support for logical text-overflow would
require changing the positions of inline boxes. For example:
    &#x05D0;: beginning middle e<img src="testfile.png" width="5"
With dir="rtl", text-overflow:ellipsis, white-space:pre and certain widths,
the position of the <img> would depend on the width. But it looks like
Blink never changes the line layout for logical text-overflow; it just
looks at the last visible text run and reorders glyphs within that text run
(or something like that). Thus, I think it's not fair to say that
Blink/Webkit "implement logical text-overflow" --- they implement a rough
and very simplified approximation to it.

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