Re: [css3-fonts] 'font-feature-settings' and BlueGriffon

On 06/19/2013 12:46 PM, Daniel Glazman wrote:
> FWIW, I have just added UI for the CSS Fonts Module Level 3
> property 'font-feature-settings' to BlueGriffon. This is
> available if you build yourself BlueGriffon from trunk and
> I will probably have nightly builds with the feature enabled
> tomorrow. Builds will be available from [1].
> I guess it will be an interesting playground for those of you
> interested in font features. John, if you want me to implement
> more features (for instance ss01 to ss20), please let me know.
> [1]

It's interesting to play with, but my concern is that
'font-feature-settings' isn't really designed for uses
that are already covered by CSS3 'font-variant', and
probably shouldn't be used for those. It doesn't have
good cascading behavior, and is really meant for very
specific cases where the author needs to access less
common features. As the spec says,

   # Authors SHOULD generally use ‘font-variant’ and its related
   # subproperties whenever possible and only use this property
   # for special cases where its use is the only way of accessing
   # a particular infrequently used font feature.

I think within @font-face rules it should be mostly harmless,
but I would be concerned about shipping an editor that allows
it in regular style rules.


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