Re: [css3-text] Hanging 'text-wrap' reference

On 06/20/2013 09:07 AM, Eric A. Meyer wrote:
>     In section 4.1, under "As each line is laid out,", point 4 states:
> If spaces or tabs at the end of a line are non-collapsible but have 'text-wrap' set to 'normal' the UA may visually collapse
> their character advance widths.
> 'text-wrap' is not mentioned anywhere else in the module, nor is that single reference linked anywhere else.
>     What should that text actually say, or where should it be linked?

Should be fixed in the latest Editor's Draft. :) Maybe we'll have
'text-wrap' in L4, but for now it's just 'white-space'.


Received on Friday, 21 June 2013 22:51:43 UTC