Re: [css3-transitions] Transition from display: none

On 6/25/13 9:47 AM, Tobias Ritzau wrote:
> Hi all, it seems as all major implementations of
> handle transitions from "display:
> none" the same way: there is no transition. That cause code that, as far
> as I can see, get complex for no reason. I can't trace this to the spec.
> Is it in there?

The relevant part of the spec is this:

   Since this specification does not define when computed values change,

and in particular, UAs optimize out computing most style on display:none 
things, so when the display changes other properties don't transition 
because there is no computed value change for them, just an initial 
computed value computation.... at least in UAs that do said optimizing out.

> What is the intended way to fade in an element that has display set to
> none? What I have done is to first set display to what ever that should
> be (and opacity to 0), and then using requestAnimationFrame() I have set
> opacity to 1.

This is not guaranteed to work, since nothing says that the display 
style will get recomputed before you requestAnimationFrame callback. 
Certainly no spec requires that.

> Is this guaranteed to work?


The only thing that is guaranteed to work in today's UAs is explicitly 
asking for the computed value of the property you want to animate after 
you make the display change.

For tomorrow's UAs, will 
hopefully define a better setup here.


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