Re: [mediaqueries] User-defined Media Queries?

On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 4:29 AM, Stu Cox <> wrote:
> I love this idea, but is there actually much scope for new *media* queries
> to be defined, given the limited information available to the DOM?
> I'd argue not, and that the Modernizr / theming use cases may be more
> common.
> I think there's already a problem with confusion between browser features
> and media/device features (e.g. my old favourite: browser supporting the
> Touch Events API vs device having a touchscreen). Values set by users in JS
> are unlikely to accurately represent a feature of the media.

I disagree that there's an important difference.  The point of MQ is
to test for things that are outside the document itself; that's what's
meant by "the medium", as it's the context in which the document
itself is embedded.  I don't think it's important to draw this
distinction for authors.

More importantly, I don't think it's worthwhile to create a third type
of conditional rule which has identical syntax to @media, solely to
represent a dubious semantic distinction. I'd support this if there
was no good way to make safe syntax for the author-defined stuff, but
there is, so I'd greatly prefer sticking with @media as it is.


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