Re: [css-variables] Remaining Issues

On 06/11/2013 10:54 AM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> There are three remaining issues on the Variables spec.
> 1. Animation behavior.  Should custom properties animate/transition
> like normal properties (always being unrecognized, so they flip at 50%
> progress), or not?  Fran├žois pointed out that allowing them to be
> animated can produce dependency loops in animations, where the
> animation property itself uses a variable which it animates over.  I'm
> thinking we should disallow animation/transition of custom properties
> - they don't transition at all, and they're ignored in @keyframes
> rules.

I like Sebastian Zartner's answer.

> 2. How should the global keyword initial/inherit/default be treated?
> Are these more of a language-syntax feature, such that they should be
> obeyed when specified in custom properties, or are they more like
> normal values, such that they become the variable's value?  It seems
> like there may be use-cases for either.

No preference.

> 3. How does 'all' interact with custom properties?  Are they all reset
> as well?  If #2 is decided in favor of treating the keywords as normal
> variables values, how does that interact with this?

All should not reset variables. If we want a shorthand for that,
use the prefix alone.


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