Re: Use of Futures/Promises in CSS Font Face APIs

On Jun 7, 2013 9:37 AM, "Glenn Adams" <> wrote:
> During today's presentation of an alternative API for CSS FontLoader,
reference was made to so-called "Futures" or "Promises". I would like to
> (1) what material improvement is afforded to this alternative when
compared with the existing (non-Futures) API proposal? that is, what new or
different behavior or functionality is offered by using "Futures"?
> (2) where is the formal definition of a Futures API or functionality that
would become a normative dependency were the "Futures" version of the
FontLoader API adopted?
> (3) what other W3C APIs under active development (or complete) makes use
of said "Futures" APIs?
> (4) does the proposed use of Futures create a dependency on a newer
version of ECMAScript than is currently assumed by HTML (which is 5.1)?
> (5) what is the expected impact on schedule for reaching a FPWD (or LC)
if this alternative "Futures" approach is followed?

Some answers here

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