Re: [css-cascade] Naming "value of a declaration", renaming "specified value"

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 2:32 PM, L. David Baron <> wrote:
> On Monday 2013-06-24 14:16 -0700, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>> 2. Drop the term "specified value", and slightly modify Cascade so
>> that "cascaded value" fills the role.  This just requires us to
>> slightly change the verbiage around how we handle the global keywords;
>> currently, the "cascaded value" may be empty or resolve to one of the
>> global keywords.  We'd change it so that as part of the computation of
>> the cascaded value, we guarantee that we fill in a value, and resolve
>> away the global keywords.  (Our current use of "cascaded value" in the
>> spec is unobservable from the outside, and we can just lean on the
>> term "result of the cascade" to represent the value that might be
>> empty or might be a global keyword.)
> Why do we need a term for the cascaded value with empty cases filled
> in?  Why not just have the term "cascaded value"?

I'm not sure exactly how to read this question; I get at least three
possible meanings from it, which all have different answers.

Can you elaborate on what you're asking?


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