Re: [css-flexbox] [css-align] unprefixing alignment properties before css-align

On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 1:56 PM, Julien Chaffraix <> wrote:
> * align-self has 2 incompatible grammars:
> Alignment: auto | [ baseline | head | foot | center | stretch ] && true?
> Flexbox: auto | flex-start | flex-end | center | baseline | stretch

Please read the ED, not the WD.  The current grammar is:

auto | stretch | baseline | [ <item-position> && <overflow-position>? ]

Which is a superset of the Flexbox definition.

> * The 'true' value is just weird and would be better named something
> more revealing (e.g. force-positioning)

Come up with something informative and short, and we'll talk.  ^_^

> * Some properties with the same values (e.g. align-self: auto,
> justify-self: auto) have different behaviors based on the type of
> elements it applies to. This is going to cause confusion when using
> these properties and values.

That's because the default alignment of different layouts is
different.  "auto" always means "do magic".

> * justify-self: auto on grid items just stretches the items. I find
> this weird and I have a hard time understanding what's the use case
> for it: width: auto (the default) gives you the stretch behavior
> already.

No it doesn't; "width:auto" only gives you stretch-like behavior for
non-replaced elements.


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