Re: [css-images] Intent to implement object-fit and object-position in Blink

On Wednesday 2013-05-22 11:24 +0200, Morten Stenshorne wrote:
> I'm considering implementing object-fit [1] and object-position [2] in
> Blink, and would like to hear other vendors' opinions on supporting
> these properties, most importantly to figure out if anyone is negative,
> but also to learn about any plans to implement them. As far as I know,
> these properties are currently only supported in Presto, where it's -o-
> prefixed, and it's also using an older version (working draft or even
> editor's draft - not sure) of the spec. The spec has reached CR by now,
> though.
> [1]
> [2]

The properties seem fine to me.  I don't think they're a priority to
implement in the near future, but I think we (Mozilla) will probably
do so eventually.


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