RE: Compositing and Blending / canvas

The plan was to update the Canvas 2D spec so it refers to the compositing and blending spec for the list.
This would be similar to how the spec currently refers to CSS color.

From: Daniel Glazman []
Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 12:13 AM
Subject: Compositing and Blending / canvas


The CSS WG's Compositing and Blending Level 1 spec (WD at this
time) defines an extension to canvas [1]. We would like to ask
for your review and feedback on how we should proceed here; on
one hand, this extension clearly belongs to Blending but on
another it could be better to have all canvas stuff defined in
one single place, your documents. We don't have a strong opinion
here, maybe the current situation is ok and we only need a few

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