Re: [css-shapes] Handling large corner radii values for rectangle and inset-rectangle

On 6/7/13 3:06 PM, "Bem Jones-Bey" <> wrote:

>The current CSS Shapes draft[1] says that if the corner radii for
>rectangle and inset-rectangle follow the rules for corner radii for the
>SVG rect basic shape[2]. In the case of the radii being large enough that
>they would intersect, the SVG spec says that the radii in question should
>be clamped to 50% of it's associated rectangle edge (rx gets clamped to
>50% width, ry gets clamped to 50% height). However, CSS Backgrounds and
>Borders defines a different rule for CSS border radius for this
>situation[3]. It seems like it would make the most sense for CSS Shapes
>to use the same behavior as border-radius to be consistent with the
>expectations of authors. What do you think?
>- Bem

I agree. I've switched the corner overlap solution to use the CSS method
instead of the SVG method.



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