Re: [css-masking] 'mask: none' clear all masking operations

On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 7:34 PM, Dirk Schulze <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I had a chance to discuss this topic with fantasai during the CSS F2F. fantasai suggested that the 'mask-*' properties get a new shorthand property (maybe 'mask-layer'?). 'mask' itself would reset the 'mask-layer' and 'mask-box-image' properties and would itself have a reasonable setting.
> Based on this idea, a syntax proposal could look like this:
> 'mask' = none | <url> [alpha | luminance]?
> - 'none' is the initial value in current implementations
> - If 'mask' is set all mask properties (including 'mask-box-image-*' and 'mask-*') are reset to the initial value.
> - '<url>' can just be used to reference <mask> elements, as it is defined SVG 1.1 and implemented in all browsers.
> - 'mask' will not be a shorthand
> The old 'mask' shorthand will be renamed to 'mask-layer' and all 'mask-*' longhands to 'mask-layer-*' (or a better name if there is one).
> - 'mask-layer-image's '<url>' will just support CSS Images, no references to <mask> elements possible.

I'm not entirely sure I understand.  'mask' isn't a shorthand?  What
exactly does it do, then?  Is it just like 'mask-layer', but with a
different value space for <url>, and only supporting one layer?


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