Re: lazy loading for images via css

Le 29/06/2013 03:43, Felipe Nascimento de Moura a écrit :
> Therefore, I think it would be highly adopted by developers if browsers
> could support all
> background-load-method: postponed;
> background-image: url(mygreatestphoto.jpg) postponed;
> background-image: image(postponed "foo.png");

I think we’d only want the last one. First, redundant features that do 
exactly the same thing should be avoided.

But more importantly it’s not just background images: CSS as more and 
more places where images are used: list-style-image, border-image, 
content, … We don’t want to define additional properties or syntax for 
each of them. Adding stuff in image() has the advantage of being 

Simon Sapin

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