[css-variables] CSSVariablesMap interface doubts


I'm implementing the CSSVariablesMap interface in WK. I have a doubt
regarding access to the elements in the map. Previously, if my memory is
not failing me, for a block with a variable declared like

div: { 
  var-foo: 10px;

it was specified that one could access it also as a property of the
interface, directly:

Code                      Value
el.style.var.get("foo")   10px
el.style.var.foo          10px

Is this direct access still allowed as of the latest specifications? I
think it's not entirely clear.

If the answer is yes, what should the behavior be, shall there be any
variable with a name that conflicts with the methods in the interface?

div {
   var-has: 16px;

Code                      Value
el.style.var.has("has")     ?
el.style.var.has            ?

Also, and slightly unrelated, in 4.2 there's a text "map tuples" with a
hyperlink that seems to be pointing to the wrong place

Lastly, I seem not to be able to find where MapClass, the extended
attribute used in the interface definition, is defined. Would someone
care to point me out to it?

Thank you,


Received on Friday, 14 June 2013 15:59:14 UTC