Re: [css-text] What does 'text-align: start end' do on the last line?

On 06/18/2013 04:57 AM, L. David Baron wrote:
> defines a value
> 'start end' whose definition is:
>    # Specifies ‘start’ alignment of the first line and any line
>    # immediately after a forced line break; and ‘end’ alignment of
>    # any remaining lines not affected by ‘text-align-last’.
> in turn, says:
>    # If ‘auto’ is specified, content on the affected line is aligned
>    # per ‘text-align’ unless ‘text-align’ is set to ‘justify’. In
>    # this case, content is justified if ‘text-justify’ is
>    # ‘distribute’ and start-aligned otherwise. All other values have
>    # the same meanings as in ‘text-align’.
> So as far as I can tell it's undefined what 'start end' should do
> for the last line when 'text-align-last: auto' (the initial value)
> is specified.  I think it should be specified to be 'end', and this
> should be accomplished by removing the text "not affected by
> 'text-align-last'".


> I also wonder whether it would make more sense to just have two
> values in the general syntax for 'text-align' than specify just the
> 'start end' case.
> (I'm also a little surprised by the definition of 'start end' as
> using the start value after a forced break matching the way
> 'text-align-last' deals with forced breaks.  I thought the
> motivation for having one of them be a separate property and one be
> part of the value was related to having different rules there.  But
> maybe I'm misremembering.)

I think it's more likely to be an issue with cascading.
See also


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