Re: [css-regions][css-flexbox] Interaction between flexboxes and regions

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 1:56 AM, Catalin Badea <> wrote:
> On 6/18/13 1:33 AM, "Alan Stearns" <> wrote:
>>Thanks for bringing this up. My first thought is that the regions
>>processing model should merely be an input to the flex layout algorithm.
>>So when flex asks for a region height, we run through the entire
>>processing model to get an answer, without reference to the flex layout
> I believe this might require a multi-step layout if more complex
> situations are to be handled. Consider the following case:
> <flexbox>
>         <region_1 height=auto></region_1>
> </flexbox>
> <flexbox>
>         <region_2 height=auto></region_2>
> </flexbox>
> The layout for the second flexbox would require the height for region_2
> to be computed which can only be known _after_ the content has been flowed
> in region_1 and the first flexbox has flexed its size.

No, this'll be the same as the simpler case before.  Both regions will
be laid out first as if they had no content in them, then, after
flexing/stretching/etc is finished, they'll be filled with whatever
content fits.


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