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Removal of XML/Schema Validation Transforms Joseph Reagle (Friday, 28 September)

Tweak to Schema Joseph Reagle (Friday, 28 September)

WWW2002 CFP Mary_Ellen_Zurko@iris.com (Friday, 28 September)

Should we define a "critical" flag for ds:Object Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Thursday, 27 September)

Clarification on 4.4.4 Rich Salz (Monday, 24 September)

XML Signature schema implementation Peter Tornberg (Thursday, 20 September)

Fw: Re:Call for Review: XML Digital Signature is a W3C Proposed Recommendation Harada (Tuesday, 18 September)

X509SubjectName and binary values Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Thursday, 13 September)

Re: latest draft xmldsig Joseph Reagle (Wednesday, 12 September)

xml/digsig mime type? Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 10 September)

Re : Graphic Card Offer From Manufacturer Tommy Tse (Sunday, 10 September)

Comment from PR Review: Is XML1.0 parsing well-formed or validating? Joseph Reagle (Thursday, 6 September)

Signature overview - minor additional modifications Amir Herzberg (Monday, 3 September)

Comments for PR-xmldsig-core-20010820 Susan Lesch (Monday, 3 September)

Join the fight to quality. Make 36 Annually secured b54yhn567@msn.com (Thursday, 30 August)

Error in DSAKeyValue DTD/Schema Joseph Reagle (Tuesday, 28 August)

RE: FW: Base64 Gregor Karlinger (Tuesday, 28 August)

Schema Validation Transform Dournaee, Blake (Tuesday, 28 August)

Why is the Target attribute in SignatureProperty required? Karl Scheibelhofer (Monday, 27 August)

Same-document reference Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Monday, 27 August)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-xmldsig-core-2-01.txt Internet-Drafts@ietf.org (Monday, 27 August)

How to multi-sign? john (Thursday, 23 August)

How to multi-sign? john (Thursday, 23 August)

Enveloped-signature games with pre-c14n Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Tuesday, 21 August)

W3C Proposed Recommendation: Joseph Reagle (Monday, 20 August)

CFP: Submission deadline for NDSS'02 extended to Aug 29th David M. Balenson (Friday, 17 August)

signature overview question/comment Amir Herzberg (Tuesday, 14 August)

Typo in 6.6.3 XPath Filtering Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Friday, 10 August)

Interruptions of Service Joseph Reagle (Thursday, 9 August)

Quick question on XSLT transform Joseph Reagle (Thursday, 9 August)

Tweaked Section 6.4.1 Donald E Eastlake 3rd (Tuesday, 7 August)

Comments requested on ETSI Draft TR "XML format for signature policies" John Ross (Thursday, 9 August)

Problem with indentation Joan Arnedo (Tuesday, 7 August)

RE: Base64 Gregor Karlinger (Monday, 6 August)

a typo in section 6.4.1 ? ZOHAR,ILAN (HP-Cupertino,ex1) (Thursday, 2 August)

XPath Expression Dournaee, Blake (Thursday, 2 August)

Issues Closed and Moving Forward Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Wednesday, 1 August)

Question: Transform Nodeset Input Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Tuesday, 31 July)

Question: Base64 Transform Nodeset Input Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Tuesday, 31 July)

Join the Middle Class Rich! joanna88y@yahoo.com (Monday, 30 July)

Minutes of 2001-07-30 Teleconf Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Monday, 30 July)

Questions about c14n implementation Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Monday, 30 July)

Comment on Exclusive Canonicalization Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Friday, 27 July)

clarifications on XML Schema base64Binary type C. M. Sperberg-McQueen (Friday, 27 July)

XSLT and Schema Processing Model within XMLDSIG Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Wednesday, 25 July)

C14N Argument Dournaee, Blake (Wednesday, 25 July)

Surreptitious Forwarding Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Wednesday, 25 July)

xmldsig Call 13:00 EST July 30 Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Wednesday, 25 July)

Python Canonical XML Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Wednesday, 25 July)

What's a relative Namespace URI? Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Wednesday, 25 July)

Canonical XML implementation Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Tuesday, 24 July)

Publication of Draft ETSI TS "XML Advanced Electronic Signatures" for public comment: CORRECT LINK: STF178Task3Draft.pdf Juan Carlos Cruellas (Tuesday, 24 July)

Publication of Draft ETSI TS on XML Advanced Electronic Signatures for public comment Juan Carlos Cruellas (Tuesday, 24 July)

Note Well The IESG (Tuesday, 17 July)

Note Well The IESG (Tuesday, 17 July)

Editorial problem in Section 4.2 of digital signature spec Elliotte Rusty Harold (Sunday, 15 July)

ID/DTD/c14n/dsig mischief? Thomas Maslen (Thursday, 12 July)

xfdl and xfa Suszczewski Mateusz (Thursday, 12 July)

Suggested additions to 3.0 Processing Rules section Donald Eastlake (Wednesday, 11 July)

Section Dournaee, Blake (Monday, 9 July)

initial Exclusive Canonicalization draft Donald E. Eastlake 3rd (Monday, 9 July)

Re: CDATA vs. EMPTY Bjoern Hoehrmann (Monday, 9 July)

Another solution to Reference Properties Amir Herzberg (Sunday, 8 July)

SPKIData.ANY Donald E. Eastlake 3rd (Sunday, 8 July)

Canonicalization of <SignedInfo> for Reference Validation Dournaee, Blake (Thursday, 5 July)

DateTime (DT) attribute in Reference Amir Herzberg (Thursday, 5 July)

Reference Validation of Same Document URIs Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Tuesday, 3 July)

comments on current xml dsig draft Dournaee, Blake (Tuesday, 3 July)

RE: Poll on Exclusive Canonicalization KOBZAR,IGOR (HP-Cupertino,ex1) (Tuesday, 3 July)

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