Re: FW: Base64

[Henry, we could use your help in getting Xerces to adopt the erratum with 
respect to normalized values (not schema normalized values):	
What's the status of the XML Schema Errata?

On Tuesday 28 August 2001 09:51, Gregor Karlinger wrote:
> <Gregor>
>   But this means that you cannot verify correctly a signature that
>   (for instance) has produced the base64 of a DigestValue in a way
>   that is different from the schema-normalized form, doesn't it?
>   Or do skip schema validation before verifying a XML signature?

If you are using a Transform such as schema validation, and you aren't 
confident in its conformance, then (unfortunately) you shouldn't use it for 

>   I think this problem is quite a severe one, since many implemen-
>   tations rely on the Xerces parser. I have reported the Xerces
>   behaviour on schema-validating base64 text as a bug a while ago
>   ([1]), but unfortunately I have not convinced them.
>   [1]
>   I suggest that we should try a bug report once again, maybe in
>   the name of the Signature WG. Joseph?

I'm game but I've never submitted a report to Xerces -- do I need to set up 
an account? Did you respond to the resolution, it's pretty obvious they don't 
understand our issue:
  >whiteSpace facet value is collapsed for base64Binary. 
  >Thus, xerces does the  right thing.

It's doing the right thing for the schema_normalized_value, but not the 
  PSVI Contributions 
  for attribute information items 
  [schema normalized value]
  The ˇnormalized valueˇ of the item as ˇvalidatedˇ. 
But to be fair, the spec is less than clear and there should be an erratum on 
this note. (Henry?)

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