Signature overview - minor additional modifications

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Joseph adopted a minor modification I suggested to the `shorthand`
introduced and used by Don to provide high-level description of DSIG
appearing in the spec. 

I later looked at the `shorthand` Don used for XML Encryption, and I noticed
some minor differences. 

Let me offer some new text to describe the shorthand and a slightly improved
shorthand version, to be consistent btw DSIG and XML Encrypt and well

We show below, in a simplified, `shorthand` notation, the structure of DSIG
signatures. Elements appear zero or more times if followed by "*", zero or
once if followed by "?" and once or more if followed by "+". When not
followed by a symbol, elements appear exactly once. Attributes were removed,
as well as the contents and end tag of some elements. 


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Amir Herzberg
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Received on Monday, 3 September 2001 05:50:04 UTC