RE: Purpose of CRL

> >> What do _your_ applications do with X509 CRLs? Do you collect all
> >> CRLs into
> >> a file and check new chertificates against the sum of all CRLs ?
> > IXSIL has an interface to a "trust management system". If IXSIL
> > detects CRLs, they are provided to the TMS over this interface.
> > Later in the process IXSIL requests a decision wheter a certain
> > certificate is trusted by the TMS. What the TMS does with the
> > provided CRLs, is in its own responsability.
> OK, that's what I thought, too. Do there already exist standards to 
> interfaces to TMS like XKMS or do you leave this to your app (simply a 
> addCRL(CRL) and checkAgainstTMS(X509Certificate) interface) ?

The interface is defined by IXSIL, i.e. its the kind you have 
described above.

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