Re: FW: Base64


Since you already have an account and opened the issue, would you take the 
action to reopen the bug report [1] with an explaination that Xerces is 
collapsing the white space facet of the wrong item [2]? We can refer them to 
Henry Thomson and the Schema WG if they have further questions about the 
Infoset and Post Schema Infoset contributions.


On Tuesday 04 September 2001 07:08, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> First check -- neither XML 1.0 nor XML Infoset specifies any notion of
> normalised value for element content.
> Conformant XML Schema processors add a [schema normalized value]
> property to element info items validated with simple type definitions.
> > There are scenarios in which people validate the signature itself
> > (instead of the data it signs which is served by an explicit
> > transform) and this then affects the computation of the signature:
> > the signature's base64 data [1] whitespace is collapsed:
> >
> >    "For all *atomic* data-types other than string ... the value of
> >    whitespace is collapse." [2]
> This describes the whitespace normalization that takes place in
> computing the [schema normalized value] -- nothing to do with element
> content per se.
> ht

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