Problem with indentation

I've just begun experimenting with XML signature and a very
simple doubt has assaulted me. Sorry if it may sound somewhat
silly because of my inexperience, but any help would be greatly

When it's time to canonicalize+sign the SignedInfo part of the
signature, what would be the real input? Given the following

(NOTE: Bad indentation on purpose. It's with this "ignorable 
whitespaces" I have this doubt).

   <CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm="" />
      <SignatureMethod Algorithm="" />
         <Reference URI="#Id1">
           <Transform Algorithm="" />
     <DigestMethod Algorithm="" />
 <Reference URI="http://anything">
       <DigestMethod Algorithm="" />

What would be exactly the input data (where does it exactly start and where does
it exactly end?

*        <SignedInfo>

*        <SignedInfo>



I have the same doubt as far as generating digests for enveloped 
objects which are XML:


Well, thanks a lot in advance.

Joan Arnedo
Computer Architecture Department

Received on Thursday, 9 August 2001 06:26:52 UTC